We at Oakmead Dental Care strongly believe in taking a preventative approach to dental care. Our hygienists are highly skilled and motivated in the provision of thorough yet gentle oral treatment. Dental Hygienists specialise in preventive oral health and focus in particular on techniques for good oral hygiene.


Hygienist Services:


  • Advice in oral hygiene and dental hygiene education tailored to the individual’s needs
  • Regular monitoring of teeth and gums for the first signs of any problems
  • Dietry advice to help minimise the risk of tooth decay and erosion.
  • De-sensitizing of sensitive teeth: ( applying a special seal to the teeth margins to reduce sensitivity).
  • Scaling and polishing teeth and root surface debridement (periodontal treatment) to eliminate harmful plaque and calculus which can result in gum disease.




  • Hygienist Appointment (30-minute appointment) – £68.50
  • Air Flow Polish – £9.95


We recommend that all adults routinely visit the hygienist every 6 months to keep teeth and gums in the best condition possible. To book an appointment simply call 020 8467 5139 or contact the Oakmead Dental Care team via our contact us page.

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